Find out about the partners involved in bringing The Benson to Toorak, from inception to development and service delivery.

All who are involved are passionate about the project and take great pleasure and pride in bringing the grand vision that is The Benson to life, with the highest possible standards.


St Peter’s Parish

St Peter’s Parish, working with the Archdiocese of Melbourne, has created the most exceptional retirement living apartments in Australia. Parish priest, Father Brendan Hayes and John Ralph AC, head the St Peters Parish Renewal and Development Committee and have worked with a team of volunteers to make the dream that is The Benson, Toorak, come true.

We are proud to assure our dedicated parishioners that the proceeds from this innovative development will be used in part to restore the stunning Gothic Revival, St Peter’s Church to its former glory. We will also build wonderful new parish facilities for a new generation to enjoy and of course to welcome the esteemed residents of The Benson.


Villa Maria Catholic Homes

In July 2015 Villa Maria and Catholic Homes merged to create Villa Maria Catholic Homes. Their skilled, kind and capable hands will be delivering services and support to residents of The Benson, whenever required. With considerable experience in operating seniors living communities, Villa Maria Catholic Homes will strive to make the lives of each resident enjoyable through their commitment to service excellence. Our goal is to provide the necessary support to keep residents living independently for longer.

Villa Maria Catholic Homes is an agency of the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne and faithfully reflects its Catholic traditions while providing security, support and care to people as their needs change. They operate on a “care for life” model, in which they celebrate the life of individuals as expressed in their physical, social and spiritual wellbeing. They have increased their capacity to provide care and support and have become one of the most capable and successful care providers in Australia.


Demaine Partnership

Demaine Partnership was founded in 1938 by Robert Demaine. Initially the practice specialised in health facilities, then diversified into education, commercial, sporting/golf clubs, resort, aged care, retirement and residential projects. Known for the production of high quality, enduring architecture, The Benson is the embodiment of Demaine Partnership’s philosophy of meeting far more than an aesthetic criteria but to prioritise that their buildings meet purpose, sustainability, durability and innovation requirements.

You may be familiar with One Wallace Avenue, Toorak, Kings Apartments or Trawalla, other iconic buildings by Demaine Architects. These stand as a great reference point for those considering purchasing at The Benson. From inception, Demaine Partnership worked on the architecture, master planning and interior design for The Benson. Their total commitment to high-end living is no more evident than here at 585 Toorak Road.